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Established December 2010, Negroserver is a gaming community designed to fill a void present in the gaming community as a whole. Our persistent goal has been to provide multiple platforms for our users to simply be themselves, without the looming fears of heavy moderation, censorship, or acquiescence.

We currently offer a number of services to our userbase. In addition to our current offerings, we have passed through many phases and services which have since been terminated, each with their own reasons. We also expect to continue to evolve and provide additional platforms for our users as time goes on. Our current infrastructure is comprised of:

We are always looking for new members, always desire more contributors, and always have room for your opinion. Whether or not we agree is another story. We are open to discussion on anything else you think we should try to be involved with, but this is where you come in. Join a server or post on the forums and tell us what you want. Check out the steam group, and come talk to us in the chat.

Our IP is, our name is Negroserver. We play games.

Version 1 of this site was made in Notepad++, a great program. Graphics were made in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Upgraded graphics and website courtesy of Pyrokid. W3 Validation for the XHTML validation. Thanks to Windows XP for being boss. Thanks internet for dying for my sins. Thank you good music for being good.

Version 2 of this site is purely Pyrokid's work, so muchos graciass bro. He would also like to thank Windows 7, and awful clothing companies, worldwide.

Version 3 of this site is also Pyrokid's work and the first thing he's done for Negroserver in a year besides complain.
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