i couldnt choose between "Maybe I'm fucking retarded" or " 2 hours in the life of negro"

So stuff happens and im lazy sometimes. Forums have been out of date by a fraction of a version for a little while. Well i guess the site updated itself to PHP 5.6, which doesnt support our current forums (technically i think its actually the reverse- our vb dont support PHP 5.6 but that is an argument for fags, nerds, and turdherders) OK so anyway

So the natural decision?

"Gee i should fucking update this shit" so there i go into the digital sunset to download some shit. But before i can download it, i must LOG IN. I hate logging in to anything but whatever. I stick my left arm 35 inches deep into my anus and grab a 16" x 16" piece of cardboard i store there with all my passwords and stuff. So i try to log in so i can get this update. Nope. shit aint biting. so i go to an email and see like 4 password resets from every single time i had to download an update.

So i go to the site again, hit forgot password, and wait.

and wait


complain to hurp


45 minutes later im like ok fuck this shit. or maybe 45 minutes later i simply passed out in my chair.

That was just the back story!

So today i get home and im like "lets see if those fucking password resets ever occured!" some of them did. I hit the newest one and it doesnt do shit- opens a blank ass page. i hit the one below it (chronologically older) and it opens a page saying that request had expired. pfft. click the first one again. THAT one has expired. so i request once more and spam refresh on my email. practically instantly it arrives. i assume this means yesterdays shenanigans have subsided. WRONG. So i click the shitty link and NOTHING HAPPENS. Since digital things are like mechanical things, i decided that PRESSING IT A LOT would definitely help resolve my issue. so i laid into the password reset. But as the day prior, no response. the emotions i felt at this point granted me enough experience to achieve level 2, and i learned the special attack 'contact support'.

So i start looking into how the fuck i can physically tell a human that im pissed off. i find that avenue and start my journey. Gotta log into email, figure out how to send them, remember the address and put it in the recipient's field, take associated screen shots like i do cause thats how i roll, compose words that wont get auto deleted. So i write this lovely piece of email right here:

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