After a long time in the making, we are proud to officially announce our new Minecraft Modpack, Roots. Roots runs on the Technic Platform and features many interesting and diverse mods. We invite you to join and make yourself at home. At this time PVP is enabled, and raiding is not against the rules, so be sure to find a nice, secure, distant location for your base to limit your chances of invasion. You can get full details on the modpack as well as installation instructions at

To go along with our new minecraft server, we have recently replaced the old NS 1 server with a newer, more powerful system- NS EX. This is a completely separate machine from NS 2, which still hosts all our Source servers. The upgraded system runs noticeably smoother than our previous system, while maintaining a much lower running temperature.

Beyond that, we are still running an alpha version of our future trade_negro map on our idle server, as well as several other varying modes of TF2 on our other Source servers. Our TTT server has been offline for a while, since it's staff has gone AFK, but that can still be fired up on request if it was desired.

Our server's IP is currently, alternatively you can use our easier to remember subdomain,
We hope to see you in game!