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    Default Help me build a PC

    This piece of shit of a PC i own is on its last legs. The GFX card driver isn't working anymore and it won't even run the simplest of games anymore.
    Since I've obtained a source of income a long while ago, I am able to invest into PC parts, but the thing is, I have no fucking idea how all that shit works.
    Instead of googling or going to /g/ for help, I decided to ask you all, since you seem to have nice pc rigs and the like. That and I'll trust your opnions more than the anonymous users on the internet. I'd love to know what kind of PC I can/should make from scratch with a budget of 600-400$ (Or how much money I should actually be spending). Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOutlawZero View Post
    I'll trust your opnions more than the anonymous users on the internet
    you poor misguided soul

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