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An Adventure toward Greatness
NegroCollegeFund | Feb 18, 2017 12:03 pm | 0 comment(s)
I am not sure of my intent for this post. Maybe the recent election over politicized the way I think. Maybe I just want to shill for a product I enjoyed. Maybe I am just bored. Perhaps all of that and more. What I do know is that I had a decent experience recently in a new game called Realpolitiks.

Become the leader of any contemporary country in this streamlined real-time grand strategy game. Use diplomacy, espionage, military and economic power to deal with other nations, while tackling issues such as terrorism, financial crises and medical epidemics, all in an effort to achieve global domination!

I have only played through one time. I cannot speak for the game itself and its systems nor compare them to alternative options in its own genre. i dd get a vibe similar to that of the game "East India Company"- another relatively unknown game I enjoyed. I am unsure if every game works out the way mine did. Some things about the game: Its definitely not an action/fps type game. this thing is all about simulation and strategy, clicking buttons and making decisions. The game i played, i chose to start as america. I have to admit, this was most likely motivated by the lovely loading screens this game has, of which there was no shortage through out the moderately effective tutorial. Here is an example of one of the many loading screens i was surprised to see upon initial gameplay:

So in the mode i selected, with america as my starting country, i set out on the goal of making america great again. Freedom, rights, and good intentions were the foundation of my country. Over a period of years, and through various global events, i guided america from being one of the global powers, a peer on even ground, to being the most profitable and free country in the world. However, i found this success to come at a cost: my success was another countries failure. As the conditions in my country improved, my relations with suffering neighbors, who through no fault of my own reached the state they were in, became threatened by my success. Russia, Canada, and Mexico were very quick to turn on me. I wanted nothing to do with war and even initially lost a few battles due to inexperience and agenda. after being forced to learn how war works, i found that i was a much more capable combatant than my opposition. My country had started with a pretty strong investment in military and i helped progress that along. in reality my military outclassed everyone. after successfully defending myself from my first of many canadian attacks, I learned i could ANNEX provinces through peace. I got ownership of a pair of large canadian provinces and chose to unite alaska with the contiguous united states.

Despite my actions being wholly defensive, it appeared the world was not very fond of what i had done. with my already suffering global relations now smeared by my "aggression" and the accumulation of what are called "warmonger points" i was sanctioned and ostracized in the global community. My attempts to save face and protect my country, and legislation passed following this, pushed my country from being a democracy to an authoritarian state. I just wanted to protect my people's interests. generate revenue. green numbers instead of red. Now i am a authoritarian warmonger. The global powers of the world, through the jurisdiction of the United Nations, implement "anti Warmonger Policy" that gives them the right to attack me without fulfilling the requirements to initiate an attack. Russia and mexico attempt to grab a piece of my now weakened and disliked country. NOPE.

Having become an authoritarian government, the rules have changed. in order for me to launch nukes, as a democratic nation, i needed to not only be defending but need to have both a certain number of war losses and be losing the war it self by a significant margin. but as an authoritarian, i just need to be defending. I proceed to eliminate massive amounts of army from both russia and mexico, winning wars and claiming more provinces. my defensive nukes are not tolerated by the world, nor are my continued acquisitions. UN passes sanctions on nuclear arsenals, sanctions on authoritarian nations, and numerous other forms of oppression on my land. it is not long before the UN itself is attacking.

By this point i have acquired a majority of north america. canada is but a single capital province. I defeat the UN forces and the world becomes strangely peaceful in my hemisphere for some time. the result of my efforts had pushed my government into a full totalitarian regime. elections that might threaten my ability to defend myself from aggressive nations are declared invalid. political opposition in my country that could disturb the defensive efforts are eliminated without prejudice. i am forced to federalize schooling and health care, employment, and media. to protect my people from these threats and their reactions to my policy, they must be shaped like clay into the population i need to protect them. dissent is my biggest enemy.

At this stage in the game, i recognize that, coupled with global events, i simply am no longer capable of sustaining my society. the only solution, to continue progress, is to acquire other peoples resources. No longer will i wait for someone to attack me to acquire them, but now, as a totalitarian state, i can go to war with anyone at the drop of a dime and the UN can cry about it. i attack canada in a swift offensive that is accused of being riddled with war crimes. i assure the world that theyre wrong- so no investigation is necessary- much to their dismay. Canada has been eliminated. i then move into mexico, and take everything up to the panama canal. THE CANAL GENERATES REVENUE! Quickly i scan the map for other icons that might symbolize strategic areas that grant bonuses, and there are numerous. This begins the global blitzkreig.

All policy and decisions are now made based on what i want to acquire and what industries my country lacks. I proceed to engage in war 1-2 countries at a time, and eventually take over every single country except israel, the liberated "republic of palestine", and the also liberated "union of the jordan". with the threat of war AND economic depression now well behind me, i proceed to enact liberal and democratic doctrine. a number of years pass before the liberated middle eastern states begin engaging in wars with each other. i am unable to intervene due to the democratic nature of my government. this and global events lead to a full on depression in my country, with all relevant numbers now showing red losses. unable to do anything further, i redirect my policy once more back toward authoritarianism all the way to totalitarianism. over several decades, i engage in spy activities, reputation damaging actions, and political schemes designed to swing my country's alignment back toward one that gives me enough control to eliminate the final threats. I am forced to enact the most extreme of policies available, to push my government system into totalitarian just to give my self the legal recourse to actually attack these nations. I succeed in full totalitarianism, and instantly proceed to attack the remaining 3 middle eastern countries. The united states now controls all human life in and beyond earth. i fully demilitarize as much as i can. fully dismantle my nuclear and nuclear defense programs. but the cost of my totalitarian systems is astronomical. im still the most developed and rich country in the world, exponentially so, but i am hemorrhaging resources at completely unmaintainable rates. I attempt to revoke some of my totalitarian policy, and am shocked to find I CANNOT DISABLE IT. By going full on totalitarianism, i have installed in my government, bodies and systems that i am physically incapable of removing, ever. These policies cost more resources than i will ever be able to produce. all i can do is watch as my beautiful united world of america goes broke due to super liberal left wing policy.

i attempted to remedy this by releasing held provinces. i created 8 other independent nations and allowed them to participate in my stock market in hopes it would help to restore the economy. they all went bankrupt, as did I. at this point i saved and quit. it seems like you can just go bankrupt infinitely. it decreases your standing but i dont know if that hinders your gameplay at all. I will probably go back in some day to try to normalize the economy and reach a sustainable state, but for now i think ill have to try other campaigns as well as other starting nations to get a better grasp on the game. If i had known i would be unable to disable the most expensive and extreme of totalitarian policies, i would not have activated those policies
Inauguration Stream
NegroCollegeFund | Jan 19, 2017 03:19 pm | 2 comment(s)
On January 20, we will be streaming various other peoples streams of the inauguration in our cytube channel for our fellow negrites who might wanna watch this together, if you're watching it anyway. Already have a few source streams lined up and expect to add others if I see good ones. Hope to see some folks there. Further details will be available either on the steam community page or the channel itself:

on an unrelated side note, some people have been playing TF2 lately, and they updated the audio codec so you can make better sounding micspams. Some days ago we had a rather healthy 18 active players. If you were considering reinstalling TF2 lately, we are still here if you need a place to play. Server IP is as always
Nice Video
NegroCollegeFund | Nov 11, 2016 07:24 am | 5 comment(s)
Haven't posted shit in a long time, saw this video and figured I'd share it. Also wanted to see if the video embed would translate to the main page. I don't expect it to.

Some Baller Light Bulbs
NegroCollegeFund | Apr 4, 2016 03:42 pm | 5 comment(s)
So the other day I found myself buying shit on (free plug for the faggits) that wasn't going to directly or immediately entertain me. I felt that to be unacceptable and was like "gee what can i buy that will provide me with pleasure for at least the day on which i receive it?" I'm a simple man with exquisite taste, only one thing could satiate my hunger for awesome shit: LIGHTBULBS

I take maybe a good hour of my day and scour all the dumb sections of newegg looking for things that might be cosmetically appealing. They have LED strips for lame-os to put into their cases, and like those plasma balls they sold at spencers 20 years ago for $100, but nothing screams "BUY ME" Then i stumble upon the household lighting and I think to my self "i can work with this" and keep digging. Well i come to the conclusion after viewing random stuff that i NEED some LED, RGB light bulbs.

So in narrowin down my requirements, i come across a lightbulb that seems pretty cool. hell it even has a remote. im like "lets buy 2 of these theyll either suck or they wont." Let me tell you, they do not suck.

I receive and blow apart the package. i aint got time for shit between me and satisfaction. Out falls two light bulbs and two remotes, in pretty boxes. the packaging has a professional feel to it. as comical as it sounds, in the context of installing lightbulbs, they were simple to install. screw into disabled light, turn on, and press link button on remote. if link is successful, the lamp will flash 3 times. now, these remotes each can control up to FOUR zones, each one can consist of multiple/many bulbs. at 6w of power consumption, their white setting is probably comparable to at least a 40 watt bulb, if not a 60, in regards to brightness. So i install these 2 into a pair of fixtures, link em to one 'zone' on the first remote, and start playing.

The company claims 16.7 million colors. granted thats what RGB ends up, i find it hard to believe that i can literally get 16,700,000 different hues out of this light. despite this, it can hit pretty much any color your fingers are nimble enough to pick on the sick little remote. the remote, which is the power house in this tag team, has 2 'touch sliders' or something to that effect, where you can slide your shitty fingers to pick either brightness or hue. above that is a master power- which might be the best feature of all: instead of moving your fat ass to turn on and off your lights, just press the off button on the remote and leave your light switch on! If only it could feed and change you, you disgusting piece of shit! Below all those mad buttons are some normal buttons, for speed, mode, and zones.

The remote offers 9 'modes'. all of which are just variations of what is best described as 'disco mode' The speed buttons are self explanatory (speed of shit occuring). But the zones. THE ZONES.

At this time, i only have 2 of these bulbs, and 2 remotes. one remote is still packaged, so i havent begun to fuck around with multiple remotes. but i have not yet read of any kind of limit to how many bulbs can be in a single zone. im wondering if i can have zones control full rooms in various places in the house. being able to instantly illuminate or darken, or bring a disco to any room at my whim with a press of my remote. If i can have one remote set to operate full areas and then have each area with a remote to control each individual bulb. all the possibilities are there to be considered. chances are that i can do all these things and more. hell maybe even put some outside. maybe i can rig some kind of triggers to shit to make events outside manipulate these sick ass lightbulbs i now want to fill the house with.

Furthermore, you can apparently purchase the controllers, and wire your own LED lighting as you see fit, all controllable or as a module addition to your current 'zone' sets. One video on youtube has a dude showing how you can adapt it to light up your pc case using a controller, your light remote, and some generic LED strips. The same could probably be done for your store's display shelf, your sick fish tank, your nerdy school project, or your haunted halloween decorations. These are baller light bulbs. gonna order more tomorrow.

-Videos in second post-
Indecisive Title!
NegroCollegeFund | Jan 29, 2016 04:49 pm | 4 comment(s)
i couldnt choose between "Maybe I'm fucking retarded" or " 2 hours in the life of negro"

So stuff happens and im lazy sometimes. Forums have been out of date by a fraction of a version for a little while. Well i guess the site updated itself to PHP 5.6, which doesnt support our current forums (technically i think its actually the reverse- our vb dont support PHP 5.6 but that is an argument for fags, nerds, and turdherders) OK so anyway

So the natural decision?

"Gee i should fucking update this shit" so there i go into the digital sunset to download some shit. But before i can download it, i must LOG IN. I hate logging in to anything but whatever. I stick my left arm 35 inches deep into my anus and grab a 16" x 16" piece of cardboard i store there with all my passwords and stuff. So i try to log in so i can get this update. Nope. shit aint biting. so i go to an email and see like 4 password resets from every single time i had to download an update.

So i go to the site again, hit forgot password, and wait.

and wait


complain to hurp


45 minutes later im like ok fuck this shit. or maybe 45 minutes later i simply passed out in my chair.

That was just the back story!

So today i get home and im like "lets see if those fucking password resets ever occured!" some of them did. I hit the newest one and it doesnt do shit- opens a blank ass page. i hit the one below it (chronologically older) and it opens a page saying that request had expired. pfft. click the first one again. THAT one has expired. so i request once more and spam refresh on my email. practically instantly it arrives. i assume this means yesterdays shenanigans have subsided. WRONG. So i click the shitty link and NOTHING HAPPENS. Since digital things are like mechanical things, i decided that PRESSING IT A LOT would definitely help resolve my issue. so i laid into the password reset. But as the day prior, no response. the emotions i felt at this point granted me enough experience to achieve level 2, and i learned the special attack 'contact support'.

So i start looking into how the fuck i can physically tell a human that im pissed off. i find that avenue and start my journey. Gotta log into email, figure out how to send them, remember the address and put it in the recipient's field, take associated screen shots like i do cause thats how i roll, compose words that wont get auto deleted. So i write this lovely piece of email right here:

for the full story, please visit yourmom.corn
Forums temporarily fucked up
NegroCollegeFund | Jan 28, 2016 03:32 pm | 3 comment(s)
current version doesnt support php 5.5 and vbulletin has a retarded login system to download updates so there will probably be errors until these jerk offs reset my password so i can download the fucking update

perfect example of why you are better off torrenting or cracking something than paying 265 dollars or whatever this shit forum liscense cost me
Impending News
NegroCollegeFund | Dec 31, 2015 01:58 pm | 3 comment(s)
I've been meaning to make some kind of news post for some time, but basically was too lazy to take the time to word it. It takes a mild amount of time and dedication to actually type something up that is professional and comprehendable. or is it comprehensible? if i felt like taking the time to google it i would make an actual news post. That aside, Basically we wanted to wish everyone happy holidays for christmas and new years, but also to make you all aware of the status of the project FiveM which we were hoping would be our next server project. Long and short they got cornholed because the author was lazy. If i ever get around to making that REAL news post I'll detail it further. Happy varying holidays from the staff at negroserver.
im fuckin drunk
NegroCollegeFund | Jun 25, 2015 09:56 pm | 17 comment(s)
its new and im announdingf it
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